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A paradigm shift for exercise:
The more fast-paced and stressful our lives become, the more we seek practical solutions in our attempt to remain healthy. Few people exercise properly or as often as they believe they should. The Power Plate® offers a fast, easy and enjoyable way to become and remain strong and fit, even for those who have little time, or for those who are unable to perform conventional exercise.

Acceleration training represents a paradigm shift in strength training. It's different because it allows the body to produce force with more ease than it would by lifting loads such as dumbbells. The Power Plate® allows strength training with low risk to joints, in much less time, and with less chance of injury. It offers people the possibility to enjoy all of the physiological benefits of training without intense strain to the body, while achieving their specific goals.

Exercise Programs
BLUE CLAY Fitness offers customized WHOLE BODY VIBRATION PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS at their conveniently located Beverly Hills studio or in the convenience and comfort of your own home. (Must own your own machine for in-home training)

Power Plate® Personal Acceleration Training™
BLUE CLAY FITNESS PERSONAL ACCELERATION TRAINING™ SESSIONS are goal driven and individualized for your needs. One-on-One Private training is ideal for the clients with specific Body, Health, or Wellness goals in mind. Our certified trainers will guide you through training sessions that are tailored to help you get the best results possible for your specific wellness, beauty, and performance goals.

All BLUE CLAY personal trainers are trained and certified under our proven training and tracking systems and they perform an individualized and in depth needs analysis for every training client in order to ensure maximum results.

One-on-One Personal Training allows our trainers to target individual goals, develop and track training program progression, pay proper attention to form, and to also compensate for injuries or weak areas of the individual client. Private training sessions provide that personal attention that many desire and sometimes need.

POWER PLATE® PERSONAL ACELERATION TRAINING SESSIONS are either ½ hour or 1 hr in length and are offered by appointment throughout each day.

Power Plate® In-Home Acceleration Training™
Why leave the privacy of your own home for Power Plate® training? Private In-home or location Power Plate® training is also a service that we provide for clients who own or maintain Power Plates either in their home or place of business. This area of training represents a large portion of our business and every BLUE CLAY Fitness trainer has been well trained as to proper & appropriate professional behavior when entering the privacy of someone’s home or place of business. All In-Home training is a minimum of 1 hour in length. Click here for more info on how to purchase a Power Plate® of your own.

Click here for more info on how to purchase a Power Plate® of your own.

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