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BLUE CLAY Fitness Acceleration Training™ Studio
The BLUE CLAY FITNESS Power Plate® training studio provides whole body relaxation and transformation. By using a range of exercises, you can build a stronger core, improve posture, give yourself a deep muscle massage, and aid relaxation. Acceleration Training™ reduces stress hormones, keeping the body healthy. It also helps reduce body fat and decreases the appearance of cellulite to create tighter, more beautiful skin. The overall effect is a more vibrant, youthful you that feels and looks better.

Fitness and Sports Performance
Find your strength! While Advanced Vibration Technology™ makes workouts easy and quick, the BLUE CLAY FITNESS Power Plate® training studio benefits serious athletes as well. Our programs can enhance the results of conventional training, speed training recovery, and boost explosive strength, helping provide that competitive edge. Acceleration Training™ also brings increased flexibility and overall body conditioning. Push the limits of your fitness levels, and take your body from good to excellent.

Health and Wellness
You don’t have to be an athlete or in need of physical therapy to benefit from the BLUE CLAY FITNESS Power Plate® training studio. There is now a faster way to grow stronger and healthier for everyone. Improve your metabolism, stimulate bone growth, improve lymphatic flow and reduce stress hormones. The BLUE CLAY FITNESS Power Plate® training studio gives you a vital, low impact workout that can strengthen, purify, heal, revitalize and even transform. You’ll leave with a sense of peace and relaxation.
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