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Personal Training

Blue Clay fitness offers customized personal training services in the categories listed below. Please contact Blue Clay fitness to receive a consultation and price quote to meet your needs.

Blue Clay Fitness is the official training partner on the West Coast for Power Plate North America. We offer ½ hour or 1 hour Power Plate® private personal training sessions.

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Although we specialize in Power Plate® training we also offer traditional strength and endurance, balance and stability, weight training sessions in our private training studio. Gym training sessions are 1 hour in length and pricing will vary depending on the number of sessions that you commit to.

We are happy to travel in order to train you in the privacy of your own home and this represents a large portion of our business. Blue Clay Fitness specializes in private in-home Power Plate training.

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We are also able to provide complete In-Home workouts with equipment that we can provide; however, in may be beneficial that your home be equipped with some exercise equipment or an In-Home Gym depending on what your fitness goals are. All that fitness equipment that was going to motivate you to get in shape, which is now functioning as a clothing rack…We can use it! Own a Bowflex?? We can use it!

We are qualified and excited to provide On-Set location personal training. This service is IDEAL for those long days On-Set when it is imperative that the TALENT not only stay in shape, but stay happy, occupied, and motivated. We offer these services to all network and movie studios. We also offer Role Preparation Training and Group training sessions for the production crews.

We provide Outdoor personal training sessions at beaches, parks or any other areas that you would like to get in shape while still enjoying the beautiful outdoors. We are not always able to use as much equipment during outdoor training sessions; however, we utililize what we are able to bring and our surrounding to provide an equally rigorous and thorough workout as can be provided in a gym.

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