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Blue Clay fitness has organized a team of professionals who are qualified, motivated, and driven to assist you in meeting ALL of your fitness GOALS. All trainers operate under the same proven training systems in order to ensure that your training is of the utmost quality and consistency.

We are fortunate enough to work with a great number of certified personal trainers with different fitness backgrounds and specialties. This enables us to match you with a trainer that will be best equipped to assist you in meeting your health & fitness goals. Allow us to introduce you to just a few of the amazing personal Trainers of the Blue Clay Fitness Core Team.

Rick Hagaman
My partner Andy Clay & I started Blue Clay Fitness in 2005 with the vision of providing "professional" personal training services to the demanding clientele of the greater Los Angeles area. We saw trainers showing up late, dressed sloppily, and eating or answer calls on their cell phone…while a client was paying them for their services! Unfortunately there is a complete lack of professionalism in the fitness industry and we decided to fill that void. 6 years later, we are regarded as the premier personal training company from Beverly Hills to Malibu where we have worked with some of the most influential & well-known people in the world.

Even after 20 years of training experience, I still love motivating, inspiring, and guiding people toward fitness goals that they usually believe are out of reach. The best part will be seeing your face when you get there. Blue Clay training is "Progressive" and the exercises progress only as your ability increases. This way you’ll feel the accomplishment of your successes as you become stronger and more capable. I develop and implement personalized & comprehensive fitness programs, which include cardiovascular activities for weight loss, nutritional counseling, and strength & endurance training to provide full body gains. I am pre & post nadel certified and specialize in core and balance training including Power Plate, BOSU Ball, & TRX methodologies. Your success is my success and I’ll use my expertise & experience to ensure that you get the body of your dreams.

Andy Clay
In July 2005 I was 50 lbs overweight and on the verge of turning 40. Being a former Marine and having spent my 20’s in the health club business little by little I’d let myself go. It happened over a period of years but somehow felt like it had happened overnight. I’d been on a 20-30 pound rollercoaster for years. I was either gaining weight and not knowing if or when I was going to be able to stop, at my ideal weight wondering how long I could maintain it, or losing through strict eating and compulsive exercise. On July 4th 2005 I decided to do something different. I started a sensible exercise program and changed the way I eat. My body transformed.

Today I am a full time single dad and I am raising my 4-year-old son. This presents a whole new set of challenges. Through the habits I’ve developed I make exercise and nutrition a priority and I’m able to do it all with a whole lot of energy. One of my greatest joys is to share what I’ve learned and help people achieve and maintain a body they’ve never thought possible. Do I struggle sometimes? Of course!!! What I’ve learned is true health is about changing you thoughts and relationship with food and exercise. I look forward to helping you get the body and mind you’ve always wanted.

Sarah Hagaman (pregnant)
It is my belief that any individual can attain the body they desire as long as they are prepared to work for it. Although I have always been athletic, I had a very hard time achieving any sort of muscle definition. I really wanted that “cut look” that I saw with other women in the gym.

A few years ago while training at a gym back east I met some women who were training for a figure competition. With some coaxing, they convinced me to compete. I hired a trainer who gave me both exercise and diet plans and I stuck to it! His daily guidance and support kept me motivated and before I knew it I was achieving real results. I saw new definition in my shoulders, triceps and biceps along with slimming of my inner and outer thighs. I couldn’t believe that the simple weight training and diet modifications were the missing link for me in attaining the body I always wanted! I competed in several natural figure competitions and consistently placed in the top 4. With hard work and dedication came real results that can last a lifetime.

I believe that fitness is a long-term commitment to oneself that provides self-esteem, happiness, and overall wellness. You can’t get these things from a quick fix diet or the next best piece of fad exercise equipment. At Blue Clay Fitness, we are very aware of the fact that everyone has different health & fitness goals. I am committed to helping you set individual goals and then utilizing proven training techniques to assist you in achieving those goals. I know YOU CAN whether you believe it or not!

Joanna Burks
I feel that I bring a very dynamic style to the Blue Clay Fitness team. As a certified personal trainer & nutritionist I identify the needs of each individual client to help them establish a customized program that includes both physical fitness and nutrition. I work very closely with each client to establish very clear goals that will improve their quality of life and deliver the physical results they desire. By including a wide variety of dynamic exercises that may include Boxing, BOSU, Power Plate & Core strength development I help clients build strong, balanced, healthy bodies they can be proud of. Let’s work together and make acheiving your fitness goals exciting and new.

Lisette Baca
Creating a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit is about INTEGRATING on all levels of one’s personhood. A Healthy Mind, Positive Emotions, Self Awareness and being Consciously present helps to create a Healthy Body.

With my 15+ years experience as a Fitness Professional, it is an Honor to Serve Others in achieving their fitness goals through a “Whole Person Fitness Approach.” Knowing the Self on all levels of fitness, from the inside-out, outside-in… is a trustworthy recipe for attaining and maintaining Success! The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection creates an experience of Vitality, Strength, Peace, and Well Being. By tapping into these 3 Core Elements, you will be able to manifest a Fuller, Healthier, Higher Quality of Life.

Self-Empowerment is activated from within, allowing an Energetic –Vibrational Shift to take place. When an authentic change happens from inside, it is then reflected on the outside. As the internal landscape transforms, so does the external.

In my “Whole Person Fitness Approach”, we will work together as a Team in releasing the old to receive The New! Programs will be designed to meet your fitness needs; trim, tighten, & sculpt your body...regain strength...speed up your metabolism, improve flexibility...boost your energy level...increase self-confidence. We will see the best in everything we do and adapt a Gratitude Consciousness. Our workouts together will be Goal Oriented, Fun and filled with Enlightenment! So let’s get started…READY WHEN YOU ARE!!!
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