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Training on Power Plate® equipment provides benefits far beyond those of any other type of training modality. Power Plate® Acceleration Training™ creates muscle contractions to give you a deeper, more intensive workout, helping to transform the body. These vibrations stimulate muscle strength and flexibility, improve blood circulation, increase bone density, and boost metabolism, which helps burn calories and create a lean, toned and firmer body.

Strength and Power Benefits:
Acceleration Training™ allows multiple benefits to be realized simultaneously. The timesaving, mood-altering sessions help people feel better and perform better. Acceleration exercise improves strength and power, muscle tone and aesthetics while delivering improved circulation, better bone density, pain reduction, anabolic hormone production, increased oxygen delivery, boosted metabolism so that a high percentage of all muscle fibers are engaged, including activation of joint stabilizer and core muscles, which promotes joint health and core stability.

Weight Loss and Metabolism Benefits:
Acceleration Training™ on the Power Plate® supports weight loss and boosts metabolism. Several factors contribute to the improved metabolic efficiency and promote the body’s remodeled, muscular and improved shape. Strength training on the Power Plate® increases strength, endurance, builds muscle, recruits more muscle fibers, and therefore sparks the fat-burning metabolic potential.

Bone Density Benefits:
Research has shown that Acceleration Training™ on Power Plate® improves bone density, reverses bone loss, counteracts the effects of microgravity, improves strength, provides strain on the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Other bone enhancing benefits include improved balance and coordination, circulation, and cardiovascular health. Power Plate® training is a valid resource for maintaining and improving bone density in at-risk populations. This simple and effective exercise intervention can be widely used and safely prescribed for many populations.

Osteoporosis and Power Plate training:
Acceleration Training™ is a proven resource for maintaining bone density in post-menopausal women, with current research showing increases in bone mineral density of 1.8% in 12 months. Power Plate® training works to regenerate bone tissue.

Circulation Benefits:
Research shows that vibration training improves circulation, which results in better metabolic performance, increased oxygen and nutrient delivery, enhanced venous return and improved lymphatic flow. Delivery of nutrition to the deepest cellular level is magnified, while the removal of toxins and metabolic waste supports improved immune systems, enhances the appearance of skin, and supports regeneration, repair and the potential for active and healthy lives.

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